Drama Fever – King and the Clown

Drama Fever is showing, The King and the Clown, this weekend for FREE. So if you don’t already have it on dvd, your computer or tablet, this is the time to watch it. Enjoy! I know I will!



Would You Attend a fan concert in California to see Lee JoonGi?


PROJECT ONE: Paid Memberships

There are two projects I’m currently working on that I could really use volunteers for right now. The first project is implementing membership benefits for JoonGi International. I mentioned it in my previous post that starting August 31, 2015 there will be two paid membership groups that will receive benefits. However, I only have two benefits in mind right now and they are free shipping for members that order JoonGi  Merchandise through our store and also getting new Joongi merchandise for free or at a discounted price AND at the same time as it is released in South Korea or Japan. I am currently in negotiations with some distributors on this matter.

The memberships are Premium for $25 a year and Platinum for $40 a year. Please visit our membership page for details on the benefits.

PROJECT TWO: Fan Meeting in California

I know that some fans think this cannot happen or that it would turn out bad and they don’t want that. Well, that is why I need fan support for this to happen. However, we will be having it in a small venue and we will get support from sponsors. Sponsors can be anyone from a corporate business to the little market store down the street. If you would like to help get sponsors in your area, you can fill out the sponsorship form and we will send you a sponsorship guide packet. This packet will show you how to talk to your local store and get them to sponsor this event. It will also include all the necessary forms you need to give them and mail back to us.

Changes to JoonGi International

There will be some changes to JoonGi International coming soon. The first change is that there will be two types of memberships, each membership will have specific benefits. However you can apply for these memberships now if you want because they will come into effect starting August 31, 2015.

These member benefits will include free or discounted merchandise related to Lee JoonGi as they are released, I am currently in negotiations with a few distributors and will have good news soon. Also, members will not need to pay for shipping, regardless of what country they are living in. Members will also receive a plastic membership card with design featuring Lee JoonGi.

Other changes include our domain and website design. Our site is not up yet because I am still working on the design and also I am still looking for moderators for the forum and bloggers for the site to keep it updated.

Drama Fever Awards

Hey Guys, I just wanted to give a HUGE reminder of the Drama Fever Awards. The ceremony will be held in New York and they will invite some actors or actresses to the awards, but it depends upon who wins. So vote for Lee JoonGi. He’s listed in these categories:

  • Best Kiss
  • Best Couple
  • Best Actor
  • Best Korean Drama

So please VOTE HERE!!

ちょっと人、私はドラマブーム賞の巨大な通知を与えたいと思っただけです。 式典には、ニューヨークで開催されたし、何人かの俳優や女優は、賞に招待しますが、賞を受賞するに依存します。 そのため李joongiに投票します。 彼は、これらのカテゴリの一覧表示されている。

  • 接吻のベスト
  • 最高のカップル
  • 最高の俳優
  • 最高の韓国ドラマ


Itunes – There’s a first for everything after all.

So I just discovered that Lee JoonGi’s album – Exhale, is actually on itunes….no way right?! Wrong! For the first time EVER, out of all 4/5 or is it 6 mini albums he released, it finally made it to Itunes. So now I and many other international fans can buy it online…at least we can listen to it now, whereas before we could only dream, or pay XXX amount of dollars to get a physical album…which I have done in the past and will again in the future, but now I get to at least listen to it right away instead of 10-20 days later regardless of which shipping option I choose.


Lee JoonGi [Exhale] Wall Scroll Preorder

We will be selling Lee Joongi’s wallscrolls for the various album covers for Exhale. The size of the wall scroll is 32 inches by 32 inches. The wallscroll is made from the highest quality cloth. The wall scrolls are made and shipped in the U.S. so shipping cost will be between $7.95 and $11.95 depending on where you live in the U.S.


Currently the price is $34.99 per scroll, however if we can get a group order of 25 scrolls of (1) album cover the price will drop by $10.00. Note that when you initially pay for your wall scroll it will be $34.99 and IF we get an order of 25 of the same wall scroll we will refund you $10.00.


Group Order for U.S. Residents [Exhale Album]

559520_741805259246956_8951986519967014983_nTo anyone living in the U.S., we will be doing a group order for Lee Joongi’s new album. If you would like to order it you can send your payment to our paypal account and we will ship it to you once we receive the order. We will only be ordering ONE time. Deadline for payment will be November 18, 2014 Midnight Pacific Standard Time. Please see total amount for albums below (it also includes shipping in the U.S.). You can send payment to leejunki-fangroup@hotmail.com via paypal or click the Add to Cart button.